Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Life: Week 43 and an insert

Hi everyone :)

This week has been busy… it’s been crazy at work because we’re trying to get all our testing done so that we can write reports!  At home it’s been busy with lots of things happening too… so I thought I was pretty darn clever when I had most of my Project Life photos printed off yesterday… turns out it was a good thing because I didn’t even make it to the chemist today!!!

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

My week started off with me having to re-make one of my October ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards).  Mr Toby decided that he’d like to critique my artwork which involved him chewing and ripping off every element he could… and I still haven’t found the brad yet!!

After Toby got a good growling he decided that snuggling (aka greasing) up to Mikayla was a good idea… until he realised that I buy his treats… and I feed him… and I’m the only one with a drivers licence so I’m the only one who can take him anywhere!   Thankfully he for him I had all the bits I needed to make another one and he was only in the ‘dog house’ (imaginatively speaking since he won’t actually use his Toby house still) for a very short time.

Here’s a better look at the beginning of my week:Left_1

As I mentioned last week, we’re learning lots about elephants at the moment.  As we’re working with the children in the other rooms my kids are really looking after those little kids.  I’ve seen some wonderful caring, empathy and helpfulness from my kids and they’re so much more engaged in their own learning too!

On Tuesday night Mikayla took Toby for a much needed walk.  He was so excited ‘pouncing’ around the house waiting for his lead to go on and when they left he wanted to sniff at absolutely everything… but it did make him incredibly happy :)

On Wednesday I took my Silhouette to school and did LOTS of cutting out for our wall display and art.  It had a good workout and I’ve got some neat things to go up on my wall!

Here’s the second half of my week:Right_1

I had a visit at school on Friday from three of the new entrant children who are learning about elephants.  They wanted to show me their art work and both myself and my class were completely blown away by how wonderful it looked.  The little kids were super pleased when I asked if I could take their photo.

Toby ended the school week with an ice cream from Mikayla and then she gave him a good combing.  He absolutely loved it and the hair/fur that comes off him at the moment is incredible.  Best of all… Mikayla actually seems to enjoy doing it which is great!

On Saturday morning Toby had his health check up with Matt.  Toby wasn’t keen to go into Matt’s room at all this time and his tail was way down!  We realised that the last time we’d been in there was when he had his nails done and he’d been very upset by the whole thing.  This time Matt talked to him really gently and Toby eventually calmed down.  He was keen to see what Matt was doing to him and actually he didn’t even realised that he’d had his injection until after it was all over LOL

After the visit to the vet we headed over to Mum’s and spent the afternoon there.  I gave Mum some new resin embellishments I’d made and she was super happy with them.  Then we did some icing and decorating together.

Check out these disgusting little creations:blog_1

The cupcakes were made using a Red Velvet recipe and exchanging the food colouring to green… when you break open the cake they are REALLY green!  Then I injected some ‘Jelly Jiggle’ into them (it tastes just like a jelly tip ice cream!) before icing them with meringue icing (also green).  The final touch was some revolting lollies that look like eyes.  Perfect for a Halloween party!

Here’s my piece of creativity for this week:Creativity_1

Mum gave me the very cool skeleton and the witch die-cut (thanks Mum) and I teamed it with a Halloween background that I had.  It looks pretty cool in real life.

And now for the insert!  Last night Loreen and Keith hosted their annual Halloween party and it was AWESOME!  It was a dress-up party and luckily for me there is a great costume hire place here in Rotorua so…. here I am as Little Miss Muffet with ‘Spider Boy’:

insert front copy_1

Mum did my hair for me with some ribbon that I picked up from Spotlight and then she added the flocked spider… looked super realistic!

Toby had a bandana around his neck… which he didn’t mind at all!  Then we added some ribbon and a spider as well and he went mad trying to get it off!  It did last on there long enough for some photos though :)

On the back of my insert (which is a 6 x 12) I put in lots of photos from the evening.  Loreen and Keith go to so much effort to make their home look wonderful and the decorations were really cool!  We had a pot luck dinner and I can honestly say that nobody went hungry!

insert back copy_1

Thank you both so much for a wonderful night of fun and laughs!  Toby really enjoyed the party too and he was super well behaved :)

So that’s it from me… I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and that next week goes well for you xxx


  1. What a fab party it must have been. Those cupcakes look the part thats for sure. LOL

  2. A super busy week, a usual Shell! The party looks like it was great fun and I am so glad your back held out long enough for you, not only to drive all that way and back, but to really enjoy it. xoxo


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