Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 43 and Week 44

Hi everyone :)

This week I’ve got two prompts which brings me to the end of the ‘shopping’ theme and quite frankly… YIPPEE!  It’s been a month of challenging prompts!

Week 43

The theme for this weeks prompt is ‘social networking’.  I struggled with this from the outset because in my mind shopping and social networking don’t even go together… but maybe they do for some people?

I’m not a huge social networker… maybe I should be given that I have an online business… but in all honesty, I prefer talking to people in real life.  I like to ‘hear’ their voice and see their expressions when I talk to people. 

Here’s my layout for this weeks prompt:Week 43

On the other side of it, I have found Pinterest a wonderful place to visit and gather ideas… and not just for scrapbooking!  I get loads of home decor ideas, recipes to try and tons of school resources from there too!

I’ve done the whole ‘messenger’ thing… and quite honestly I’m just not a ‘twitterer’… and I’m a terrible ‘Facebooker’ as well!  I actually wonder if the ‘word count’ on Twitter might be what is putting me off because I just have far too much to say to fit it into a tweet LOL

Blogging gives me my own wee space out in the cyber world to share the things I want to share and learn from others.  It’s easy… it’s convenient… and it keeps me up to date with friends and family. 

Week 44

This weeks prompt at Log your Memory is based around product reviews and recommendations.  I don’t really read a lot of reviews… unless I’m buying something like a vacuum cleaner.  Although I have read several reviews about dishwashers and in my Dream Kitchen I know exactly what I’d buy!  Maybe I’ll win Big Wednesday this week and find out if the reviewers are right!

So… what to do?  I decided to share the scrapbooking products I’m enjoying at the moment… seemed like as good a time as any really LOL

Here’s my layout:Week 44

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love Tim Holtz products.  What you might not know is that I genuinely love them… and I’d still love them if his name wasn’t written on the packaging… actually I’d probably like them more because then they’d be cheaper!

I’ve wondered over the years if I’m a ‘label girl’ when it comes to scrapping but the reality is that I like what I like… and it has nothing to do with the name of the company.

Graphic 45 became a bit of a favourite of mine a couple of years ago when I realised how ‘cuttable’ the paper was.  Since then I’ve used lots of different Graphic 45 paper and each time I do I’m surprised at how unique each collection is.

Prima is another company who makes great products… I love their flowers and just lately I’ve developed a real liking for all their resin embellishments as well.

Another company that continues to inspire me with their paper is Simple Stories.  As their company develops I’ve discovered more and more collections that I like using and at the last retreat I used two different collections for classes and challenge packs.

Right now I’m preparing ideas for this years December Daily album and the Carta Bella Christmas range is turning out to be perfect for this project!

So for me it’s not about brand names or designers… it’s just that I really do know what I like!

So that’s it from the ‘shopping’ theme.  Roll on November and the new theme which I had a sneaky look at tonight!

I hope you’re having a great week xx

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  1. Love what you are doing with the blog man!


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