Sunday, November 4, 2012

Project Life: Week 44

Hi everyone :)

I’m happy to say that it’s been a good week here filled with all sorts of happenings.  We’ve got a gorgeous day today so after I got three loads of washing on the line Toby and I went over to Holden’s Bay for a play and an ice cream. 

IMG_3246_1I’ve been trying to teach him to fetch without much success but today he decided to swim after a stick that I threw into the water… and…IMG_3252_1

He brought it right back to me!  We played fetch for quite a while and I think I wore him out because he’s now sound asleep on my bed LOL

Here’s my full layout for the week:Full_1

At school we’re working hard to get all the testing done and it’s really time consuming when you have to test each individual child while also keeping the rest of the class busy and quiet!

Of course we’re also busy working on our elephant tasks and there is beautiful artwork going up on the walls in all three of our classrooms!

Here’s a better look at the start of the week:Left_1

This week my class were the STAR class so we got to have our photos along with a blurb in the school newsletter.  My kids were pretty happy about it too!

Along with all the school stuff I also finally went and bought myself a new wallet.  After having my previous wallet for a LONG time I wasn’t sure if I could find another one I liked but Farmers is actually still stocking the same brand of wallet… although it comes in lots of different colours and styles now. 

On Thursday there was our local night market and since I was already in town at the chiropractors after work I thought I’d grab myself some dinner.  The paella was SO GOOD!!!  I couldn’t wait to get home so I scoffed half of it in the car and then came home and photographed (and ate) the rest of it LOL


While I was at the chiropractors I asked if I could try and mow my lawns because they were hideously long.  The answer was… so long as you don’t overdo it! 

After having my yummy dinner I went down and mowed just the very back of my backyard and 14 catchers later I was done.  I also managed to get the side of the house done yesterday but unfortunately the front (which needed it the most) is just going to have to wait until tomorrow!


I kid you not!  My front lawn really does look this bad!  I think the neighbour across the road is ready to ban me front the street… his lawns are clipped to within an inch of their lives!

On Friday night we had our school gala and while everyone else was at market stalls outside, Ashley and I were in the kitchen frying chips… YUCK!!!  Michael came in to cut up some onions and was crying like a baby within the first few minutes so we swapped jobs.  One of the good things about wearing contact lenses is that I can cut onions without crying so I spent most of the night on ‘onion chopping duty’ LOL

Yesterday I went to the Home and Garden show at the events centre and it was quite interesting.  I bought myself the most gorgeous Iceberg climbing rose to cover over an ugly wall by my garage and also got myself some mushroom compost… apparently roses love it!

So in light of the H & G show and as a not so subtle hint to Mum (love you lots!) I found a photo of a gorgeous garden gnome that would look fantastic in my garden (hint hint) and used it on my creative piece this week:


I think Mr Gnome would look REALLY good under my Christmas tree! (Mum’s going to say I’m as subtle as a sledge hammer now!)  Just think Mum… the gnome could read Toby stories while I’m at work!

On that note I’ll wish you all a wonderful week ahead xxx


  1. Wow 14 catchers - that must be some lawn??? LOL. Am kind of thinking Toby might look on Gnomey as some sort of food rather than someone to read to him!!! ROFL Have a good week. :)

  2. Bahahaha you are so funny Shell! Gnomey reading to Toby ROFL!!Crikey I hope you are feeling ok after mowing all that grass. As long as you "dont over do it" after 14 catchers worth I would say Yeap you over did it all right!!


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