Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Daily: Dec 10

Hi everyone :)

Monday was the BIG day for my Year 6 students… it was their official ‘leavers ceremony’… although they still have to come to school for the rest of the week!

It was a bit nerve wracking for me getting up in front of all the parents… I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that part of the job.  The kids all came up individually to get their certificates and shake hands with me and Matua Norm and we also had a bit of a farewell for three of the teachers in our team… it’s going to be very different in the senior school next year!

Here’s my journaling:Dec 10 journal copy

Tonight I’ll be making cupcakes for my class.  Jimah made a deal with  me a couple of weeks ago when he was writing his speech… he said that if he could make me cry during his speech then I had to make the whole class cupcakes.  I had no problem with that since:

  • I get a few tears every year during my kids speeches
  • I’d planned on making them all cupcakes for the end of the year anyway… I’ve had the cupcake cakes for months!

In the afternoon some of my boys made a ‘rock video’ and they had so much fun… plus they actually learnt a lot doing it!  Here they are in all their glory:

My little rock stars!

After school I went home to find Dougal looking for Toby… turns out he was in the backyard under the trees where it was cooler!  Just as well really because Toby certainly can’t get his head through the cat door anymore!

Dec 10 - photos copy

That’s it for now… I hope you have a great day xx

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  1. Awww leaving ceremonies always get me every time too and even when my kids weren't the ones leaving. LOL. Love your rock stars performance :)


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