Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Daily: Dec 11

Hello again :)

Yesterday we had our school prize giving and it was a great experience… it was also hot in the school hall in the middle of the day with over 500 children and at least 150 parents!  We were packed in like sardines and the poor air conditioners weren’t really coping that well!

Each year we choose two students to acknowledge from our class and this year I chose Jimah and Sonny who are both wonderful students, good role models and well on their way to becoming fantastic adults in our community!

Here’s my journaling for the day:Dec 11 journal copy

I have to admit that I got a bit ‘tearful’ writing this page… tissues were definitely needed!  It’s still amazing to me how these kids really get into my heart and how much I’ll miss them when they move on to Intermediate.

Dougal and I also had a bit of a discussion about doing something accidentally versus actually stealing something on purpose!  On Sunday when we were at Mum’s I had borrowed her scissors… which look EXACTLY like mine… and when I packed up I accidentally put them into my bag along with all my other stuff.

When we got home on Sunday night I rang Mum to let her know we were all back safe (yep I still do that!) and she asked me if I’d seen her scissors and I instantly knew were they were… ever since that phone call Dougal has been ‘teasing’ me about knicking Grandma’s scissors! 

Here’s my photos for the day:Dec 11 phtos copy

At least now Grandma’s scissors are on their way back to her and as for Dougal… out of sight is out of mind and he hasn’t mentioned the words ‘knicking’, ‘pinching’ or ‘stealing’ since the parcel got sent.  Thank goodness for small mercies I suppose!

It’s taken a few days but my December Daily is back up to date now… thank goodness for the internet working again!

I hope you’ve all had a great day xx

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