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December Daily: Dec 27

Hi everyone :)

Well Thursday was a day of ups and downs… the ups were great but the downs were both caused by my wee sons getting up to mischief!

I had to go into town this morning but fortunately it had nothing to do with standing in queues… I went to the hairdressers.  For years I used to get Mum to cut my hair for me… especially when I had really short hair… but for the past two years I’ve been going to the hairdresser every six weeks and it’s made a real difference to my hair!  I also like the pampering side of things :)

At lunchtime I met up with Carey and Matt at school.  Carey was really unsure of how the alarms worked because up until now she’s only hard to turn off the alarm for the hall to get to the ICT suite.  Now that she’s going to be back in the classroom it’s a whole different situation.  Thanks to Matt doing the lifting for me all my tables and computer desks are now set up and I didn’t have to lift anything!

Here’s my journaling for the day:Dec 27 journal copy_1

After we were done at school I headed down to the chiropractors for an adjustment and it was seriously good!  It had been ten days since my last visit and I was really feeling it but now it’s all feeling a lot better.

So there was lots to feel good about… a nice pampering… classroom semi sorted out… back adjusted… feeling good… and then I rang Mum!

It seems that Dougal just couldn’t leave the fridge alone!  He’d already tried to get at the pavlova and now he was on to the next thing… not the jelly, not the trifle, not the strawberries… oh no… my son went for gold and helped himself to the beer!

After going out to check the mail Dougal was ‘missing’ again and since he’d gone to the fridge yesterday Mum figured that it was a pretty good place to start.  Unfortunately it only took five minutes for Dougal to get down the stairs… open the fridge… grab a can of beer and skull it back!  Mum found him on the floor with the near empty can and a silly grin on his face! 

Then the hiccups started and he very promptly found his manners and thanked Grandma for the ‘great party!’  What was he thinking???  I think Mum might have been worried that I wouldn’t believe her so she took a photo as evidence.  Unfortunately for Dougal I totally believed Mum and he is going to be coming home immediately… no more parties!!

Here’s the photos for the day:Dec 27 photos copy_1

While Mum and I were talking on the phone and Toby realised that Dougal was in REALLY BIG trouble he decided that he could do something ‘little’ and get away with it.  This week Mikayla and I have been eating dinner separately because she hasn’t been finishing work until late. 

She had been eating her dinner sitting on the sofa and went to get something and quick as a flash Toby was up on the sofa and scoffing the last of her dinner!  He quite likes chilli beans!!!

Mikayla came back and caught him and his immediate response… ‘Dougal did it!’  Obviously he’d forgotten that Dougal wasn’t here and he pleaded with Mikayla that it really wasn’t him.  What he didn’t realise was that I’d taken a photo of him caught in the act!

Please tell me this is not typical boy behaviour!  I’m hoping that it’s a serious lapse in judgement but that it won’t happen again! 

Meanwhile Dougal has had his bag packed for him and he’ll be home later on today and Toby is behaving himself extremely well this morning. 

I hope you all have a good day xx

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  1. ROFL - I think you should write a storybook about Dougal and his antics.


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