Friday, December 28, 2012

Log your Memory: Weeks 49 and 50

Hello again :)

I’m finally doing a bit of a catch-up with my Log your Memory project.  There’s four prompts left so today I’ve got two of them.  This project will definitely be finished before 2013 begins!!

The theme for the December prompts is ‘Past to Future’.  Thankfully they come with lots of suggestions because I’m finding them a bit challenging to be honest.

Week 49

This week it’s all about having an overview look at 2012.  Some of the suggestions included holiday cards and letters, an annual keepsake or a calendar.  Thankfully for me one of the prompts asked what the most memorable and meaningful events over the past year.

2012 has been a challenging one… it’s also been wonderful.  I’ve learnt so much, grown as a person and made progress in areas I hadn’t anticipated on.

I’ve had a really wonderful year teaching this year and it’s made a huge difference.  Krystal and Mikayla are both moving on in their lives and working out what works for them and Toby and I have a settled and happy home life… most of the time.

Here’s my layout for prompt 49:Week 49

I really wanted to include a lot more photos but these ones certainly do highlight lots of the different areas of my life… and they’ll be fun to look back on later.

Week 50

The prompts for Week 50 included writing a letter to yourself… either yourself in the future or the past.   There is actually a website where you can send yourself an email for a given date in the future.  I haven’t tried it myself but it kind of looks like fun.  Here’s the LINK if you want to take a look.

The prompt that got me though was ‘what would you change’.  I’ve often thought about things I wish I had or hadn’t done… mostly things I wish I hadn’t done… and mostly just after I’d done them! LOL

This morning I got to thinking about what I would change about my life (when you see the word I’ve chosen for One Little Word 2013 you’ll realise why).

The answer is that I really wouldn’t change anything now.  Take for instance the fact that I got married at 19.  If I went back in time and changed that then I wouldn’t have had Krystal and Mikayla and I just can’t imagine my life without them in it. 

Here’s my layout for this prompt:Week 50

There’s too many ‘what ifs’ to go messing around with so to be honest I’d take my life… both the good and the bad… because that’s the reason I am who and where I am today.

I hope you’re all having a great day xx

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  1. Thats a lot of thinking for these last prompts. Go you on finishing out the year with it all done - what a great achievement. :)


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