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December Daily: Dec 29

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s another cloudy morning here and the rain isn’t far away!  I’m really hoping to get some ‘summer’ very soon!

The boys and I had a pretty good day yesterday.  As well as getting my Log your Memory album all finished we did a little bit of housework.  Well actually I did the housework and Dougal helped a bit with the dusting and Toby spent his whole time trying to save his ‘treasures’ from being put in the rubbish!

I’m still laughing over it today because his latest ‘treasure’ is all the little bits of black rubber he chewed off Mikayla’s jandals… which by the way were fairly new!  I know I shouldn’t laugh but in all honesty… she should learn to put her stuff away!

Two weeks ago I gave her the ‘shape up or ship out’ talk and she’d done fairly well… except that she’s worked most days since so it’s hard to tell if she’s really changed. 

I happened to be watching a movie that Mikayla didn’t want to watch and she went to her room (which is an absolute bombsite and the mess currently reaches almost waist height!)  Not long after she went to her room I noticed that Toby was chewing on something and realised it was one of her jandals.

Now I know that I probably ‘should’ have saved it… and in the past I ‘have’ saved them… but I figured that she’s got to learn the hard way so I left him to it until I finished watching the movie.  By that time he had both straps off and the top and bottom of the sole were looking pretty chomped up.

Mikayla wasn’t impressed with Toby but as I quickly reminded her… it’s up to HER to keep her stuff safe and in her room.  She clearly hasn’t listened because this morning when I came out to the lounge her bag, her purse, her chocolate and her McDonald’s rubbish from dinner are all lying around and she’s left her bottle of orange juice on the coffee table!

Here’s my journaling for the day:Dec 29 journal copy_1

The boys and I went to Barkers Park in the afternoon and Toby rushed straight up to Kelly for a treat.  Apart from the treats, he actually really loves Kelly and she’s started to call him ‘Tobes’ which is my little name for him so he figures that she must really love him… and she does!

Toby needed to have his nails cut and this time he was pretty calm about it.  We took him through to the ‘grooming’ room… a first for him… and he was so good.  He didn’t try to fight it and he snuggle right into Kelly while the other lady (don’t know her name) cut his nails.  It was all over in a matter of minutes!

Toby got to choose his treat and as always he went for the biggest bone he could find!  Dougal decided to be ‘Mr Generous’ and pay for the bone with Toby’s loyalty card.  What he didn’t understand was that you can’t ‘pay’ with loyalty cards… but I suppose it was a nice thought.

Here’s the photos for the day:Dec 29 photos copy_1

Last night the boys were quite happy… Toby chomped away on his bone for several hours and Dougal curled up under the Christmas tree for a nap because he knows it’s coming down today.  I think he was dreaming of ‘sparkly things’ because he kept making contented little sighs in his sleep.

So that’s our day… I was going to get washing done today but it doesn’t look like I’ll get it dry so I might have to get organised to go to the laundrette.

Hope you all have a great day xx

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