Sunday, December 30, 2012

Project Life: Week 52

Hello again :)

This is the last full week of Project Life for 2012!  I’m going to do the last page with photos taken tomorrow as well as a few ‘filler cards’ for things that have inspired me lately.

Here’s an overview of this week:Full_1

I’ve shared so much this week between my Christmas insert post (HERE) and all my December Daily posts.  The one thing I noticed with my Project Life pages is there’s lots more of Toby in them.

You’ve already seen quite a few photos featured on the left side of my page but there is a better view of my new classroom set up.  It looks quite boring at the moment with just the furniture in there but I can already see that I’m going to have far more room in the classroom than before.

I’ve also included some photos of Toby.  There is one of him trying to see the game Mikayla was playing on her phone and there is one of him standing outside the door on Christmas day while everyone opened their presents.

As much as I love my boy I knew that if he was inside there would be tears from the kids when he tried to nick off with their wrapping paper… Toby LOVES paper!

There is also one of him wearing Mikayla’s Bah Humbug hat from Christmas.  Mikayla has been very ‘Grinch-like’ this Christmas and she popped her hat on top of Toby’s head.  The only problem is that Toby LOVES Christmas so it didn’t last on there long!

Here’s a close up of the left side of the page:Left_1

On the right side there are some more photos of Toby… eating the last of Mikayla’s dinner, getting growled at for the already mentioned behaviour, and of course the ‘jandal’ photo!  He’s rather proud of his jandal destroying skills!

We had Thai takeaways for dinner the other night and I’m a huge fan of Thai prawn green curry.  Love the flavour and have not been able to successfully recreate it at home yet… but I’m getting closer!

I’ve already shared with you that I’m going to do Ali Edwards’ One Little Word project in 2013 but I loved the photo I included in my December Daily so I decided to put it in my Project Life album as well.

You already know that Toby got his nails done yesterday and that he got a treat… but let me tell you he has been going to town on that bone for HOURS and he’s still got heaps left to go on it.  It really is the cheapest ‘baby sitter’ ever!

Here’s the right side of my pages:Right_1

For my creative piece this week I decided to do one last Santa card.  It’s very similar to what I did for my Christmas ATC’s with the Scrapbook Dreams swap.  I created the digital image background in Photoshop and then added a wax seal, the date strip and a Prima poinsettia flower with a little pearl brad.


So that’s been my week… loads of Christmas stuff and family time and of course lots of time spent with Toby!

By the way… Dougal has had some VERY EXCITING news today but I’ll be sharing that with you tomorrow.  He’s giddy with excitement and absolutely can’t sit still!

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow xx

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  1. I'm down to the last page for PL and going to make sure my photos fit even if I have no idea what they are going to be. LOL


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