Saturday, December 29, 2012

Log your Memory: The final pages and album!

Hello again :)

Well the first of my big projects for the year is done… all completed… finished… and it feels great!  Before I show you the final album I need to share the last two layouts with you.

Week 51

The theme for this week was event calendars, photos from each month, proud accomplishments or favourite layouts.  I decided to do a page about some of my favourite scrapping projects and layouts for this year.

I went through all my layouts and picked out three that I’m really pleased with and then a few projects. 

  • I selected Dandelion Fun because I really love the textures, film strip of photos and the flowers. 
  • The Perfect Breakfast is one of my favourites because it was such an unexpected event and I love that it’s all done in black and white with a colour photo. 
  • The final layout is one I haven’t actually shown on my blog.  It’s actually a layout of my parents wedding back in 1968 and I really love it.  The lace was a wonderful find and everything else kind of grew from there. 
  • The mask is the one I made for the retreat and I love how it turned out!  It now has a space on my craft room wall.
  • Of course I love making mini albums so I’ve included a photo of my Log your Memory album along with my December Daily which is getting really FAT now!
  • I decided to include a photo of my Project Life albums as well because they’ve been such a big part of my life this year and I’m really proud of them.
  • The final spot has been dedicated to a project that Krystal and I are still working on together.  It’s an online album class with Cathy Zielske and Krystal and I are still working on it but I wanted to include our title page.

So here is the layout dedicated to some of my favourites:Week 51

 Week 52

The final prompt for the project was year-end news summaries, gift trend reports, and top 10 lists of music, movies, news events etc.  This particular prompt had me really stumped!  I honestly don’t watch a lot of movies… I’m not a huge fan of the news and I have no idea what’s hot and what’s not… a closer inspection of my wardrobe will tell you that! LOL

However, I did like the idea of a Top 10 list and as I mulled it over I came up with my own top 10… and one that I’m pretty proud of.  I consider myself one of those lucky people who has a great relationship with both my parents… and for very different reasons. 

Mum and I talk almost every day and we’re very close… we don’t always agree on everything but we’ve managed to develop a really deep friendship over the years and I feel lucky to have  her in my life.

Dad on the other hand is my moral compass.  He’s the person I talk to about religion, politics, education and some of those ‘heavier’ subjects.  We DEFINITELY don’t agree on everything and we like to debate issues with each other… or at least I like to debate I’m not entirely sure Dad does!

At 42 I’m proud to say that they’re my parents and I love them both very much.  Now before I go and get too teary eyed I’d better show you my layout:Week 52

As I worked on my layout for this prompt I felt such a deep sense of gratitude for the people in my life.  Many of them have shared laughs and tears with me… they’ve seen me at my best… and some of them have seen me at my worst.  Wherever you are in my Top 10, I hope you know how much you mean to me and that I appreciate you being in my life.

And with that the layouts are done!  I went down to the photo lab today and printed off the last few layouts (8 x 8 size) and came home to put them in my album.  Over the past few months I’ve realised that it was going to need to be re-bound because it’s grown so fat so I pulled it apart and re-bound it and it’s looking amazing.

Here’s the cover:IMG_4713_1

I had to change from black spiral binding to antique because the black ones weren’t big enough.  My finished album is over an inch thick!

Here’s a couple of my favourite pages from the album:IMG_4714_1IMG_4716_1

And here is the final photo so you can see what I mean about it being really thick:IMG_4718_1

So it’s done.  I’ve got a huge sense of accomplishment and I know that this album is going to be important to me for a long time to come.

Thank you so much for coming on the journey with me and for your lovely comments about my layouts during the year.  If you haven’t tried a project like this before, I highly recommend it!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your day xx

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  1. Well done on finishing your album. It was a big project and I'm sure you will just love looking back on it. :) I'm counting down the days to starting a new PL. LOL


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