Friday, January 11, 2013

One Little Word: January

Hi everyone :)

Gosh I’ve missed blogging every day!  This week I’ve been busy with cars and painting… you’ll get to see what I mean on Sunday when I share my Project Life pages.

As most of you already know I’m participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word class this year.  Last year I chose the word ‘Priorities’ and kept it in my head and did a wee bit of journaling about it.  This year I’m actually taking the class and the difference is AMAZING!!

My word is ‘Choices’ and it’s not just in my head… it’s a living part of my everyday life!  I think 13 must be a good number for me because I’m having the time of my life… everything is working out so well and I really do think this is going to be my year!

When I started the class the first thing was to come up with a word… I think CHOICES actually chose me!

Then I spent some time really thinking about what that word meant… I looked it up in the dictionary… I looked it up in the thesaurus… and then I started to document it.

I’m creating a One Little Word album using a Simple Stories SN@P binder with divided page protectors:



Actually I’ve just seen that they are bringing out a range of leather albums in the 6x8 size too and my little heart skipped a beat when I saw the brown ones… maybe I’ll have to get myself one of those!


Anyway… on with the sharing!  One thing I really like about the One Little Word class is that you can make it be anything you want.  You get the basic prompts but you can take it on so much further if you want to! 

I decided to start my album off with the 6 x 4 inserts and create a title page, the definitions and my reasons for choosing my word this year. 

Here’s the start of my album:title page

Title page and definition from the dictionary

title inside

Choices in the thesaurus and why I chose this word.

Without giving too much away our January prompt was to write intentions for the rest of the year.  If you know me then you’ll know that I have spent a LOT of time working on those!! 

What I’ve loved is that it wasn’t difficult… it was time-consuming and there was a LOT of thinking involved but somehow the perfect words came along just at the right time and there was a lovely flow to the whole thing!

I had very definite ideas about how I was going to do this project but it really has taken on a life of it’s own.  I’ve noticed that the pictures that have ‘spoken’ to me are all very natural ones… so I went with the flow!  

I used the 3 x 4 page protectors for my intentions and they look awesome!  Here’s what I came up with:

January – March

page 1 copy

April – June

page 2

July – September

page 3

October – December

page 4

I created a title block and a few ‘filler’ cards so that the pages balanced out and everything worked out beautifully.  So happy with the final ‘look’.

Here’s what they look like cut apart and inserted into the page protectors:



I’ve actually gone ahead and done quite a few other things for my January pages that aren’t in the prompt but I’ll share those with you next time :)

I hope you’re all having a fab day and I really appreciate you taking the time to view my project.

Take care xx


  1. Oh wow, loving the natural look too. Love what Simple Stories are bringing out this CHA. They are fast becoming my favourite. :)

  2. so awesome, you could work for a magazine.

  3. OH WOW - you inspire me to want to do this project right along with you. I really like how you have made chapters by month and how "Choices" and you will explore the depth & width of this word. I am excited for you. Oh yes I also miss your daily blogging.
    ...... Mary-Lou

  4. WoW all right, I love what you are doing, wish i was able to think and create the way you do.. I will sit here in awe instead...


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