Friday, February 8, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

My computer wouldn’t ‘play nice’ this morning so I didn’t get the Feel Good Friday online before heading off to school.  It turned out to be a good thing though because I actually had a real ‘Feel Good Friday’ at school today. 

We have Harold the Giraffe at school at the moment and one of our special needs boys is absolutely fascinated with Harold… to the point where he sits beside the Life Ed mobile classroom during EVERY break and bangs on the door.


His teacher told him that if he kept doing that he wouldn’t be allowed to visit Harold.  Every day when I pass this particular child he says “Whaea Shelley I’m not banging on the door!”


Last night I went to the hairdressers after school and had some more foils put through my hair and at morning tea time when I passed the child mentioned earlier he said… “Whaea Shelley I’m not… WOW!  Your hair looks BEAUTIBUL!”   It was a super cute moment and I’ve been enjoying my BeautiBul hair all day!

Later on in the morning I noticed that all the roses outside Room 2 were missing and then as I went around the corner I could see pink rose petals leading up the steps to Harold’s mobile classroom… something tells me that I already know who the culprit is!!

Funnily enough, the pink rose petals would have gone quite nicely with this weeks layout.  The theme is ‘Vintage Tea Party’ and I found some lovely photos of tea cups, flowers and cupcakes.

week 6 - vintage tea party copy

I’m definitely feeling good this Friday and I wish you all a wonderful weekend xx


  1. LOL over the rose petals and you have a beautibul weekend too. ;)

  2. Pink, tea, cupcakes, roses - what could be a better combination I certainly do not know :)

    My Grandmother use to say that tea cured all that ailed you and anytime I feel stress a make a pot of tea. I enjoy birthday tea parties the best.

    Have the caught the nasty thief that broke into Krystal's home?


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