Saturday, May 18, 2013

52 Lists: Week 15 and 16

Hi everyone :)

Today’s post is actually inspired by the fact that it’s raining outside and curling up with a good book seems like a great idea… although there’s too much to get done to actually do it LOL

Some of Moorea Seal’s lists take a bit of thinking about… and some come together in a matter of minutes really… and the prompts for Week 15 and 16 pretty much wrote themselves!

Week 15 – List your favourite quotes

I don’t know about you, but I love quotes!  I keep quite a good collection of them and often refer back to my favourites.  My current favourite was one that I saw somewhere and it really ‘speaks to me’:

I have gotten to that age where my brain has gone from 'you probably shouldn't do that'... to... 'what the hell, see what happens'

I also came across this one the other day and I have to admit that over the years I’ve tried really hard to find my ‘happy place’ in times like these:


Here’s my list for this prompt:

Week 15 copy

I know some of those quotes are long… but they are ones that I go back to time and time again.

Week 16: List your favourite books

I’ve always loved reading… and it’s something I look forward to at the end of each day.  It’s my own personal way of winding down from all the events of the day.

Obviously my job as a teacher requires me to do a lot of reading as well but one of my favourite times of the day (and also one of the quietest in my classroom!) is when I read the next instalment of the chapter book we’re reading.  We’re currently reading ‘The Mouse and the Motorcycle’ and the kids are loving hearing all about Ralph’s adventures in Room 215.

Here’s my list for this prompt:

Week 16 copy

I actually own most of the books on that list and some of them have been read several times. 

Hmmm, maybe I will go back to bed and read ‘just one more chapter’ LOL

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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  1. Oh I like that quote too about "see what happens" and have many favourites as well. Love quotes. :)


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