Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Daily: Dec 11

Hello again :)

It’s been  a super eventful day here!  This morning I headed off to school knowing that we were having an official powhiri for the new Assistant Principal who is starting next year.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had anything like this happen at our school and the children were excellent.  The whole event went off without a hitch!

At lunchtime I was on duty and one of the students got tackled playing rugby.  She’s a pretty tough cookie and often gets mistaken for ‘one of the boys’ but after this tackle she was in a lot of pain.  We did everything by the book and felt that she needed some specialist treatment so we called the ambulance.

Everything was going smoothly… the ambulance arrived just after the end of lunch bell went… and then we hit a snag.  The student needed to have a neck brace put on before being put on the backboard and she suddenly ‘freaked out’.  She was pretty distressed so I ended up having a ride in an ambulance and staying with her at the hospital while she was treated by the doctors.

Thankfully everything is alright… although she’s going to have some good bruises to show for her efforts.  I ended up staying at the hospital with her until her grandparents arrived.  It wasn’t quite what I had planned for my afternoon.

By the time I got back to school just after 4pm I had to rush around and get my stuff so that I could get to the chiropractors by 4.30… and in the meantime someone special to my heart was waiting for me there when I arrived.

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Yes, my lovely Krystal was waiting for me and we got to spend a little bit of time together.  She was looking absolutely fantastic and is almost back to her old self after her run in with glandular fever earlier this year.  She still has her tired/exhausted days but she’s having lots of good days now too.

One of the reasons that she was looking so good was that she’s just become a Nutrimetics consultant and she’s super excited about it.  She bought her case of goodies with her and took great delight in showing everything to me. 

Since she’s staying at Chris’ place tonight she decided to leave her makeup with me until she comes over before school… which may have turned out to be a BAD mistake! 

Photo copy_1

After arriving home I went to get changed and while I was up in my room Dougal couldn’t take the suspense and got into Krystal’s makeup case.  Toby started barking so I  came out to investigate what was wrong and found Dougal trying to get INTO the case to get the rest of the stuff out!

He was quick to tell me that he knows all about makeup because he used to wear it when he was on stage… but in a ‘MANLY’ way! LOL  He certainly knew what eye shadow and lipstick were but I can’t quite envisage a ‘manly’ way to wear either of those products!  Priscilla Queen of the Desert springs to mind though!!

There’s more events tomorrow including a practice for our school assembly and our Year 6 Leaving Ceremony in the evening.  Oh yes… and tonight I have to make chocolate brownie for a morning tea tomorrow… darn I knew I’d forgotten something!

Best I get going and whip out my ‘Domestic Goddess’ skills before it gets too late!

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