Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Daily: Dec 3

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s been a day of high activity in our home today… although I didn’t know that when I got home!  I’ve been meaning to take Toby along to Barkers Park for his ‘pedicure’ for a couple of weeks now and today turned out to be the day.

I managed to get home a little earlier than usual and Dougal was busy napping… and he looked so cute I didn’t want to disturb him… so Toby and I took the opportunity for a little time on our own.

We headed down to Barkers Park and they lavished Toby with attention and treats so he was more than willing to spend some extra time with them.   He even let his ‘Auntie’ cut his toe nails without making too much of a fuss.

While we were out I thought I might as well get Toby booked in for his annual check up and luckily for us they had time to do it right there and then.  Toby has been weighed (32.5kg), he’s been poked and prodded… had his ears and teeth checked and deemed to be in excellent health.  Next up was his vaccinations and a special spray for ‘kennel cough’.  We haven’t done that one before but with the upcoming move to Gisborne I thought it might be a good idea just in case we need it.

Toby was just pleased that there were no thermometers involved today!

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When we got home I found out exactly why Dougal was having a little power nap!  As I came through the front door I saw a very cute wee butt running in the opposite direction so I went to investigate… and where was that wee butt heading???  For the cat door! 

Dougal isn’t nearly as big as Toby and he fits quite nicely through the cat door thank you very much.  While on the surface that might look innocent I knew there was more to it than what I was seeing so I did a little spying!  Mothers are sneaky like that!!!

It didn’t take long to find out the answer… Dougal came back inside and didn’t notice me spying on him… probably because I was being super quiet and Toby was still in the car.  Next thing you know Dougal is rustling around in the kitchen and then I spotted him heading for the cat door with another one of Toby’s biscuits!

Dougal wasn’t taking a power nap… he was exhausted from ‘stealing’ biscuits all day!  Toby had a great big pile of dog biscuits outside waiting for him!  The bag of biscuits that was empty when I got home is now half full again and Toby’s waistline has been saved from Dougal’s ‘kindness’!  All’s fair in love and war I guess!

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I’m pretty sure Grandma would have given him a ‘swift kick up the butt’ but I just couldn’t do it… probably because I was laughing too much!  Besides, when Dougal was caught in the act he just looked so guilty and miserable that I had to give him a cuddle.  But he has PROMISED me that it will never, ever happen again!

Something tells me that Dougal’s short term memory won’t last long though… and December must feel like an awfully long time to young boys left on their own all day!

I hope you’ve all had a good day xx


  1. Naughty Dougal. Got Brodys card in the mail for his check up too but he needs to go to the groomers first for a big defluff and close shave of all his knots. :)

    1. There were heaps of dogs getting their 'defluffing' at Barkers Park yesterday... they look gorgeous after they're done too!

  2. WOW I did not realize that your new job meant that you would be moving house - I guess that would be a very long 4 hours of commuting.

    1. Yes I've got a big move coming up Mary Lou! It's definitely going to be busy around here for the next few weeks!


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