Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily: Dec 4

Hi everyone :)

What do you get when you leave two boys at home and forget to put your laptop away?  In a word… TROUBLE!!

Yesterday when I went to work I put the boys outside and although they moaned and sulked about it they went outside.  I’d forgotten it was Wednesday, which is rubbish day, so I was rushing around getting the rubbish sorted and inadvertently left the computer switched on.

When I came home Dougal was sitting on the door of the open oven with THREE pizza boxes around him.  He actually didn’t hear me come home so I caught him ‘Red Pawed’ right there with the evidence!

To my credit, I stayed calm enough to ask him what the heck he thought he was doing and he said… ‘Toby was hungry' so I was helping him out’!  It turns out not only was he ‘helping’ Toby but he also ‘helped himself’ to my credit card to do the order!   And yes… that’s when I hit the roof!!!

According to my computer history Dougal made an order to Dominos pizza at midday and had it delivered. One pepperoni pizza… one meat lovers pizza and one cheese lovers pizza… that was the one for Toby because he loves cheese.

Photo copy_1

The boys had a fine old time scoffing their pizzas… at my expense… literally!  In fact they ate so much pizza that last night Toby was sick… several times! 

Dougal spent quite a bit of time sitting in the ‘naughty corner’ last night!  I think I might have to put a lock on the cat door to stop Dougal being able to come in during the day!

Meanwhile, I was at school with my kids.  They’ve been enjoying some of the simple activities that they usually don’t use through the year.  They re-discovered the domino container (I wonder if there’s a connection with the pizzas??)

Anyway they made themselves a big track on one of the tables before school and just as the bell went they finished it.  It didn’t quite work out all the way around but they’ve discovered where they went wrong and are keen to try it out again.

text copy_1

I better go and sort out that lock on the cat door!

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