Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily: Dec 5

Hi everyone :)

Welcome back to my little corner of the world.  Things have been a little more peaceful around here today.  The lock on the cat door worked really well and Dougal hasn’t been up to any mischief today!

After having a good telling off last night he’s been re-thinking his behaviour a bit… and to his credit he’s taken his punishment like a ‘big boy’.  I gave him the job of vacuuming the dining room and he’s actually done a pretty decent effort… super funny watching him riding around on the vacuum cleaner like it was a ride on lawnmower!  Actually I’m just a teeny bit jealous about that one!

Photo copy_1

I’ve also been busy packing up my classroom.  I’m a pretty sentimental girl and I do keep lots of things I probably don’t really ‘need’… but I’ve been doing my best to eliminate the clutter and keep only the things that I know I will use again.

I have discovered that I have bought rather a lot of teaching resources over the years… and that I take quite a lot of my own stuff to school… but it’s all been worth it.

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I’ve also worked out that I have a lot of memories tied up in my work… and plenty of good times to remember.  It’s a good thing :)

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