Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily – Dec 2

We’re on the countdown at school… we’ve only got 6 school days left for 2014!  I’ve got the countdown cards for my December Daily album organised as well.  They were free downloads from Heidi Swapp’s blog.


At school we’ve been getting busy for our Student Led Conferences which start tomorrow.  School officially closes at 12.30 for the next two days… but in reality the teachers are going to be there until almost 8pm on both nights.

After school today I popped into town to grab a few things… Briscoes was having a sale!  I also picked up a book I’d ordered from Paper Plus.  The boys in my class really like Andy Griffiths writing!  I find it quite entertaining as well!

just doomed

Then it was time to come home and see my boys.  Dougal decided to stay with Toby today and catch up doing ‘brother’ things.  It turns out that they kept themselves fairly well entertained.  From what I can gather they watched a few animal programs on TV, ate some dog biscuits and did a bit of playing… rather uneventful really… and that’s a good thing!

I sat Dougal down to tell him my big news (and now you get to find out too!)… When I finish school next week the boys and I are moving back to Rotorua!!!  I actually interviewed for my new job two months ago but I’ve been keeping the news to myself until now. 

Dougal and Toby are both excited about moving… although Toby is a little concerned that Santa won’t know where to bring his presents.  I’ve been trying to reassure Toby that Santa is in fact extremely smart and really does know where he will be living although I think he’s going to need a lot more reassuring over the next few weeks.

Dougal decided that he would make me a ‘surprise’… it’s always a little bit scary when Dougal heads into the kitchen so of course I had to keep an eye on him. 

Dec 2_1

He gave my new blender a whizz and apparently it was a nice way for him to cool down his tummy!!!  Here’s what he came up with:

Dec 2a_1

So tonight we’re celebrating… new job, moving home and Dougal’s return! 


  1. Yay so excited for you all..I Love my blender too, and the smoothies are so yummy.. Crack up at Dougal he is very clever all right.. Good luck with the moving..xx

  2. WOW that is big news! Congratulations. I see some decorating in your future (lol).


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