Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily – Dec 4


I’m writing today’s installment of my blog while I’m still at school.  I’ve had a couple of ‘no shows’ for the Student Led Conferences so I’ve got a bit of time on my hands before the next lot of students and parents arrive.

Dougal decided that he was definitely coming to school again today.  Just as well too because he’s spent most of the day ‘helping’ Auntie Marie in Room 16! We’ve been having our practices for the end of year prize giving assembly every morning and today was no exception.  The new part was that Marie’s choir group practiced their performance. 

Now we all know how much Dougal likes to perform but this time he traded in his microphone for helping Auntie Marie with the sheet music! 

Dec 4_1

I don’t know how helpful he was sitting on the keys but both Marie and Dougal seemed to have a good time. 

This afternoon Marie got busy wrapping the PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) book awards that we are giving out at next weeks prize giving.  Luckily I had warned Marie about Dougal’s love of presents (remember when he renamed all the presents for himself??  Check THIS post)  Thankfully Marie had put all her markers away where Dougal couldn’t find them… but he still managed to surround himself with the goodies!

Dec 4a_1

I’ve just received a lovely email from Mikayla.  She’s been studying hard down in Invercargill and she was extremely happy to report back that she’s passed her course!

Dec 4b_1

It was so nice to hear her sounding really happy!  She’s got an interview tomorrow and she’s hoping to start her nursing training in 2015.  It’s strange to think of her being so far away but she’s doing really well down there!

So that’s my Thursday… only one more day and then it’s the weekend… and there’s LOTS of packing to do!

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  1. Hehe Dougal gets right into it doesnt he. Great news about Mikayla..Good luck with the packing, i dont envy you on that one xx


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