Sunday, March 15, 2015

Project Life – Week 10

I’m back with another Project Life update… and all the photos have actually been printed and put into the album!

Here’s an overview of Week 10:FULL_1

When I got home on Monday, Mike was busy washing the Harley.  I went down to the backyard to see what he was up to and there was water and soap suds galore.  He also had the old camera down there and proudly told me that he’d got me a few good shots… the car wash on the bike seat was taken by Mike!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to him that I was lacking ‘during the week’ photos even though we seem to be doing lots of stuff so I showed him how to work my old camera and now I quite often come home to find that he’s taken photos of what he’s been up to after work LOL

On Tuesday I got home to discover ALL the lights in the house were working again.  The lounge light had ‘blown’ last year and Krystal said she couldn’t get it to work again.  It turns out that the whole fitting had to be replaced and it was on my list of things to get done.  Mike went down to Bunnings and bought a new fitting and now we have lights again!  He also fixed the dining room light and the outdoor light so I’m pretty stoked!

Here’s a closer look at the beginning of the week:LEFT_1

In A1 (my classroom) the kids have been learning about volcanoes and several of them have made models and brought them in to school.  There have even been a few of them that have ‘erupted’ their volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar.  Thankfully all the erupting has taken place outside and we’ve got some good video footage of what we’ve been doing.

On Wednesday, Dad and Jan came to stay for the night on their way through to Napier.  Dad and I catch up fairly regularly on the phone but it’s always nice to catch up in person.  Dad has visited me once a year for the past few years when he and Jan have been ‘gallivanting’ around the countryside… retirement really suits him!  For the past few years Krystal has been living in Hamilton so she hadn’t seen her Granddad but this time she brought Chris with her and they joined us for dinner.  I made a lamb tagine with all the side dishes and then Krystal provided us with a pavlova roll for dessert… delicious!

We had three generations here for dinner and it was a good opportunity for Dad to meet Mike and Chris.  Thankfully everyone got on well and we had a good night :)

On Thursday afternoon the senior school teachers all went out to Tui Ridge to have a pre-visit before we head off to camp next term.  They have some really good facilities and the kids are going to have a great time.

Here’s a closer look at the second half of the week:RIGHT_1

Then on Saturday Mike decided it was time to organise some outdoor shelter for Toby.  As many of you know Toby will NOT go into a kennel… no matter how wet he gets he’d still rather sit in the rain on the back door step. While we were living in Gisborne it was okay because there was a very covered part of the deck where Toby could get out of the rain… but now that we’re back in Rotorua it’s a different story.

After looking at several options, Mike came up with a plan!  First of all he removed the three horribly overgrown trees down the side of the house.  Toby was extremely interested in what Mike was up to and was very keen to ‘help’ him with the trees.  He even showed Mike where to put the cut branches so that they could carry on with their ‘man stuff’.

Then Mike moved the fence back so that it lined up with the gate.  Toby thought that was pretty good and he quickly got up on the dirt to have a look around. Next came the building side of things… Mike was in ‘man tool’ heaven and Toby was in there having a look at everything going on.  He didn’t seem to mind the noise either!

Once Mike had the basic structure up we took Toby’s bed outside to see if it would fit and he wasn’t having a bar of it!  He tried barking at us to put his bed back inside, he growled, he whined, and then he barked some more.  When we did put the bed back inside Toby promptly hopped onto it and didn’t move off it for the rest of the afternoon!

On Saturday night we went to Tauranga for dinner with Mike’s best friend Mark and his wife.  We went to the Harbourside Restaurant and had an amazing time.  The food was fabulous and we laughed lots during the night.  Mike and Mark are really hilarious when they get going and after a couple of Coronas they were in their element!  Rattaya and I spent most of the time either laughing ourselves silly or rolling our eyes at our silly (but lovely) men!

On Sunday, Mike and I did a ride on the Harley.  We went over the Mamakus and headed for Matamata for coffees.  Then we visited Mike’s stepdad in Te Aroha.  Next we went via Paeroa and Waihi on our way to Waihi Beach for lunch.  We stopped at the Flippin Bear for pancakes and we definitely weren’t disappointed with our lunch!

Then we went via Katikati to visit Sheree and Mark.  It was so nice to see them again after being away in Gisborne.  Sheree took a couple of photos of us as we were leaving and emailed them to me… thanks heaps Sheree xx

Then we were off to Tauranga and finally back to Rotorua.  It was a great day and we managed to miss pretty much all of the rain.  So that was our week.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend xx

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