Saturday, March 7, 2015

Project Life – Week 9

I’ve finally caught up!  Here’s a overview of the final week of February 2015:


To be honest… this weeks photo spread could almost be called ‘What we did on the weekend’ because during the week we were so busy with work that we hardly took any photos but come the weekend we took HEAPS!

This was also a BIG week for me and Mike because he ‘officially’ moved in on Saturday morning.  In reality he’s been living here since the end of January but I just couldn’t get my brain to compute how quickly everything was happening so we called it a ‘sleepover’ until my brain had a chance to catch up with what was going on!

Here’s a close up of the left side of my pages:LEFT_1

This week I brought home the ipads from school several times.  One night, Mike and I sat at the dining room table with packets of screen protectors, cloths and card scrapers and CAREFULLY attached new protectors to all 10 of the ipads.  It was a bit tedious but we got them all done and charged overnight

On another night I brought home the new App Store cards for both my ipad Air and the classroom ipads and I started to get the programmes we need for learning installed and ready for classroom use.

I also discovered a lovely red chili in my garden! The garden is actually growing really well and I’ve started harvesting some of the herbs for my cooking.

On Monday, Mike and I had been down at Harvey Norman’s picking out our new bedroom furniture (exciting!) and on Thursday we had to go back in to get the delivery organised.  I was due at the hairdressers for their late night so we managed to catch up for a quick hot chocolate in town beforehand.

On Saturday morning it was all go here… Mike decided to change a washer on one of the taps and he went outside to turn off the water toby… and it wouldn’t turn off… it just kept going around and around… so he called the Council.  The Council sent out ONE worker to have a look at it and he quickly called in a SECOND guy to help him cut the concrete on our driveway!

Meanwhile… the furniture truck arrived with our bedroom furniture so we got that all moved in and sorted out. 

The guys from the Council then had water flowing EVERYWHERE so they decided to turn off the MAINS water for the whole street… and the mains tap BROKE!  So then the whole street had NO WATER on a sunshiny Saturday when everyone wants to get their washing done… OOPS!  So what did we do???  We went for a bike ride to Taupo and Mike took me out for lunch!


Dixie Browns in Taupo is awesome!  After looking over the menu we both decided on seafood chowder and it was an excellent choice!  It was packed with fresh seafood and the garlic bread on the side was divine.

Then Mike ordered the most ENORMOUS banana split!  I ordered the bread and butter pudding made with croissants and topped with a caramel sauce and it was super delicious!  Next time I think I might just have dessert!  LOL

After lunch we went back to the lookout and I took some photos and then we headed for home again.  Part way back Mike took a detour… that’s one thing about being on the back of the bike… I have no choice about where we end up!  We ended up going to the Aratiatia Dam and we got there in time to see the dam open and all the water come flowing through.  It was pretty spectacular and I managed to click away 157 photos!  Thank goodness for digital cameras!

That night we had our first ‘official’ living together dinner… hot chicken, salads, bread and chips… not terribly upmarket but it was exactly what we both felt like after our exciting day!

On Sunday we spent quite a bit of the day getting the guest room organised.  We exchanged the single beds for a Queen size bed, changed furniture around and went shopping for new bed linen and by late afternoon it was all done and looking welcoming.

I also got a chance to catch up with Nina on Sunday morning which was great.  We checked out her Cricut to make sure it was all working before she had to send it off to its new owner.  Life has certainly become a lot busier these days but at least I can say I’m finally up to date with Project Life!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Congratulations (is this the correct term to use in reference to you & Mike moving in together (?) I like your commitment rings. I like your bed cover. Funny story about the water main break. Locally & close by (Toronto) there have been hundreds of water pipes bursting because of the prolonged & serve cold. What a great feeling to be caught up, I can only imagine that feeling through your blog (lol). For me the catch up stumbling stone is always the journaling part. Right now I am catching up with words October 2014 through to February 2015.

  2. WOW awesome photo's, busy as a wee bee as always aren't you.. Girl that food looks and sounds devine making me drool right now.. Dija check out wairakei while you were in Taupo? Only 28 sleeps to go and i will see you YEAH!!!


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