Monday, March 16, 2015

Project Life – Week 11

Hello again! 

I’m at home from work today with a head ache, body ache and sore throat so I thought I’d organise the photos I took during the week.

Here’s an overview of the week:FULL_1

On Monday all the teaching staff received brand new school jackets.  We were all pretty pleased with them and they do look really smart!  We’ve all got class trips coming up so we’ll be proudly wearing our jackets for those!

I got a text from Mikayla this week saying her name badge for her course had arrived… then I got another text telling me her uniform had arrived.  She was really onto it and sent me through some photos,  So nice to see her looking really happy and she looks great in her uniform!

There’s so much going on at work and there really just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes.  I brought home all my kids self-portraits so that I could get them all mounted for the wall display and Mike offered to give me a hand… it certainly made a long job a LOT quicker!

Here’s a close up of the start of the week:LEFT_1

Unfortunately for Mike he got a speeding ticket on the Harley on Wednesday!  He was so sure that the area he was in was a 70km zone so he was surprised when a cop pulled him over for being 2km over the limit… turns out it was a 50km zone and he was 22km over the limit!

Speaking of the bike, Toby can hear Mike coming home from several streets away.  I got home just before Mike the other day and I’d let Toby inside.  We were having a little chat when he heard Mike’s bike and his ears pricked up instantly.  Then he heard the bike slow down to go around the corner and he jumped up on his bed.  Next thing I know he’s standing full stretch and looking out the window waiting for Mike!  Luckily I had my phone close by or else I would have missed the moment completely!

For the past five weeks I’ve been reading my class Charlotte’s Web and we finished the book on Thursday.  On Thursday night I got busy making cupcakes for the kids.  I’ve just discovered a new vanilla cupcake recipe and it’s awesome!  I made three dozen cupcakes and then I let them cool off while we were watching Game of Thrones.

After dinner I whipped up some pink icing and got busy making the cupcakes look pretty.  I added some pretty blue and pink sprinkles along with some lovely little blue sugar flowers.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out and the kids LOVED them!  We had our video between morning tea and lunch time and the kids had their milk and cupcakes while they watched the movie which was great.

Here’s a look at our weekend:RIGHT_1

On Saturday morning, Mike and I went looking around the car dealers.  Mike’s job is over in Tauranga and for the past few weeks the guy he usually travels with has been on a different job so Mike’s been riding the Harley to work.  Now that winter and all the wet weather is coming it was time to start thinking about a car.  We found exactly what we were looking for at the third car dealers and now we have two Holdens in the family (although the new car won’t be ready to be picked up until later today).  It’s going to be a case of taking which ever car is in the driveway now!

After we’d done all the paper work we decided to go for a ride out of town.  We headed out to Whakamaru and the weather was fabulous.  I love being able to just sit on the back of the bike and watch the scenery go by.  Mike is really good about stopping for photo opportunities for me too!

We stopped at the Whakamaru café for ‘breakfast’ even though it was lunchtime.  We decided to sit outside and eat and it gave me a good opportunity to play around with the camera.  I’m loving some of the photos I’ve been getting lately!

On Saturday night we went out for dinner to celebrate Nina’s birthday at Chapman’s Restaurant.  It was so nice to see Nina looking so happy and her granddaughter was really happy to share her birthday ‘cake’ with her!

In other Toby news… Toby LOVES the weekend!  He knows that he can have a cuddle with Mike in the mornings and he sits and waits for Mike to wake up.  On the weekend poor Toby had to wait… and wait… and wait some more because Mike was having a sleep in and when I went up to the bathroom he seized his opportunity and snuck into the bedroom to wake him up!  Luckily Mike was actually awake when Toby jumped on top of him!

During the week, Mike has continued to work on the ‘day room’ for Toby.  It has now been stained and waterproofed.  Then Mike decided it needed a little bed in there for Toby so he went down and bought a brand new one from The Warehouse along with some foam for a mattress.  He’s even put some ‘carpet’ aka astro turf down to make it more homely for Toby!


We spent most of Sunday tidying up the garage, organising boxes, sorting out stuff and then photographing and listing excess stuff on Rotorua Buy and Sell.  It was a busy day!

Before I go I want to share my two favourite photos from this week.  I’m really enjoying ‘playing’ with my new camera and every now and then I get a shot that make me smile.

This one was taken at our breakfast on Saturday.  It made it into the photo pages for this week but I wanted to share it again.  Loving our breakfasts being in focus but still having the bike in the background. 

Fav photo 2

The other photo was taken at Ohakuri Dam.  We’d stopped there to have a look around and I decided to try and get a couple of photos.  Really pleased with how this one turned out:

Fav photo

Maybe I should start a little mini album of my favourite photos??

Take care and I hope you have a great week xx

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