Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Daily: Dec 2

I’ve just had two of the best days ever! I’m loving December 2015!

Dougal came with me yesterday when I went to see Nicola at the chiropractors.  I’ve been having a couple of adjustments just to get everything back into alignment and Dougal said he wanted to come to see what Nicola did. 

I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him!!!  As soon as we got into the therapy room he started to whine about having a ‘twitch’ in his tail… and his back was sore… and his neck was a bit stiff… and on and on!  Nicola was very sympathetic to my wee boy’s complaints though and gave him a full adjustment!


Actually there is another photo from this set which is going into my Project Life album.  The photo is of me having my adjustment and Dougal has got his little mitts on the Activator… under Nicola’s strict supervision of course!

I also spent some time in my art studio… and not just sorting things out!  I finally got busy and made something!  I started off by getting out my Big Shot machine and putting it to work with fabulous results… especially after the disaster I had with these dies using my Cuttlebug.


Since the words turned out so well and I was on a roll I decided to make some Christmas cards.  Loving the results!


Last night I went out with Carey for dinner at Brew.  It’s a great little restaurant with fabulous food and the service is always pretty good.  I had mussels for dinner and they were fantastic!


I’ve pretty much figured out HOW I’m going to put my pages together for my album so hopefully it will all turn out the way I’m planning and I’ll be able to share a finished page with you soon.

Thanks for stopping by xx


  1. Oh Dougal. He should be careful about wanting to be the star of every event, someone just may put in on the top of a tree!! (lol) No animals to be hurt as a result of this comment.

    I like your cut out words - a simple single word statement is sometimes all that is needed for a particular day. Cute card!

    1. Hi Mary-Lou :) He definitely loves being the center of attention!! I'm loving the cut out words too... especially now that I can use them on my cards and tags!


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