Monday, December 21, 2015

December Daily: Dec 17

I've been trying to get my pages finished all day today and I kept getting interrupted by all of my boys LOL
  • Michael is at home tonight with an incredibly sore eye and he needed an urgent visit to the eye clinic... major drama!
  • Toby has been barking at Daddy while he's been trying to dig in the backyard... major drama!
  • Dougal is complaining that his eye is 'sore' too and that he NEEDS some urgent medical attention and cuddles... major drama!
In between all the 'boy dramas' I've finally been able to get my pages finished so it's time to share them.  Due to confidentiality I've 'mushed' (is that a word???) the faces of any kids in the photos... so you're eyes aren't deceiving you if you think some of the faces look a bit fuzzy.

December 17th was of course the kids Christmas party at school... and when I say 'kids' they range in age from 5 to 21!  Krystal and I put all the cupcakes in the car boot to take to school in the morning and Dougal made sure they were all there.  He also pleaded and begged to come to school with me for the party but unfortunately for him there is a very strict rule about four-legged boys attending this school so he had to stay at home with Toby.

Mike arrived next door to the school just before 11am and got changed into his Santa suit... he wasn't keen on wearing the Santa suit all the way from home in case he got 'mugged and mauled' LOL

The kids were super excited to see Santa arrive and lots of them liked the motorbike... actually several of the teachers liked the motorbike as well!  We had a Christmas angel to help Santa hand out all the presents and one of the big kids got Santa up for a dance!  There was a wee surprise for Santa too... one of the older kids is completely obsessed with Health and Safety and he was quite vocal about the fact that Santa was NOT wearing his helmet when he arrived and he gave Santa a big telling off!  He even suggested that Santa might get a BIG FINE!!  So there!!!

For the creative pieces on this page I used another stamp that I found in my stash... never been used but I think I bought it last year.  I heat embossed the stamped image with silver powder, added some die cut star border and the date star.

For the lower pocket I made a Christmas owl using my Stampin Up punch that I bought several years ago and then never used!  I die cut a little branch for the owl to sit on and then added a stamped sentiment to the circle... could be a sun or a moon!

Since I had so many photos of the party I decided to do a second page using some of my favourite photos.  Cathy and Ron (both teachers) were very interested in Mike's Harley.  There was much oohing and aahing and they were thrilled to be 'allowed' to sit on the bike.  In fact Cathy, our Christmas angel was even allowed to start the bike!

Apart from being a motorbike enthusiast, Ron is also a very good bubble maker.  He has developed his own special bubble making recipe and some of the bubbles he had going at the party were enormous!  Even though I've only been working at Kea St Specialist School for a short time I've actually known Ron for years... he was MY teacher when I was just 10 years old and living at Ruakaka in Northland.  It's been quite cool getting to know him as a colleague and he's actually as nice as I remember him being.

After Santa left we had another visitor to the party... Shrek arrived!  He brought his wife, Fiona, with him as well and I got quite a few photos of him with various kids... and then with some of the 'big kids' like my friend Nina and the Christmas angel!

For the creative pieces on this page I used the owl punch again but made a reindeer instead!  I heat embossed another Christmas stamp onto some 'blackboard tags' I found in a bag of goodies.  For the lower piece I used a crystal swirl and added a poinsettia flower and crystal brad... super simple but I love the sparkly effect.

So that was our Christmas party... lots of fun and laughs and the perfect way to celebrate the end of the school year!

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