Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Daily: Dec 19

On Saturday morning Mike and I headed into town to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  When we got home I started wrapping the presents and getting them all labelled.  When I was almost finished the phone rang and I had a bit of a chat with one of my girlfriends.  After I'd hung up I headed back into the lounge to hear muffled talking and a strange 'flicking' sound.  It turned out that Dougal thought he'd help me wrap the last present but the sticky tape was TOO sticky and he got it stuck over his mouth.  He tried again and got it stuck over his nose.  Then he tried a third time and got it stuck on his paw so he was trying to 'flick' it off!

I couldn't help but laugh at his troubles... he was flicking his paws over and over and the tape just wasn't coming off.  He was very quiet though because his mouth was almost muzzled with the sticky tape and his voice was very muffled.  When I managed to stop laughing I got him all unstuck and he was much happier.

On Saturday afternoon, Mike and Toby headed out into the garden with the line trimmer to tidy up all the edges.  Toby loves to 'help' Daddy but as soon as the noises start so does the barking.  He prances around all over the place and it's a wonder he hasn't been hurt!

Late Saturday afternoon Mike and I headed over to Tauranga for Mike's work function.  We met up with Mark and Rattaya and the other employees and had a fabulous Indian meal together.  It was a really nice way to celebrate a year of hard work and a growing business.

Meanwhile, Dougal decided that if Daddy and I were going to a party then he was going to have a party at home without us.  Krystal had come around to puppy sit for us but Dougal is a sneaky wee thing and he managed to steal the last bottle of cider out of our fridge.  He had a bit of a headache when we got home along with the hiccups... hopefully that will teach him a lesson!

For the creative pieces on this page I did some more cutting on the Cameo.  I quite like the tree tag in the top pocket.  I added a few rhinestones and a leaf along with the date star.

For the bottom piece I decided to add a number collage because the boys keep asking 'how many sleeps until Santa comes'?  Apparently I don't give them the right answers because they have several sleeps a day and by their counting he should have been here last Tuesday!

It's fun and games in our house that's for sure!


  1. Oh Dougal, you are one lucky boy that you have such an understanding Mum! Shell I am really liking your pages for DD. Mike has really tidied up the wall & driveway - he's a treasure for sure. At this point my Christmas wish is for a nap, a nice quiet restful nap ... Happy Christmas to you, Mike, daughters & both fur boys. All the very best in 2016.

    1. Hi Mary-Lou :) Thanks so much for all your comments during the DD... Dougal and Toby have certainly kept us on our toes but today it's calm and quiet... maybe a bit too quiet! I hope you get your restful nap... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us 'downunder' xx


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