Friday, December 4, 2015

December Daily: My album so far & Dec 3

Hi again

I’ve definitely worked out the HOW of my December Daily album now!  One thing I have decided is that I’m going to ‘shop my stash’ which basically means I intend to use what I’ve already got in my art studio… and trust me… I’ve got LOADS of unopened stuff so I’m not even feeling slightly deprived about not having ‘new’ things to work with!

I’m using We R Memory Keepers pocket pages which I originally bought for another project .  The size is good to work with (8 1/2 x 11 inches) and I’m quite liking the size of the pockets.


Each page holds:

  • TWO - 2 x 4 inch
  • TWO - 4 x 3 inch
  • TWO - 6 x 4 inch

It gives me plenty of scope to work with.  As promised, here is a photo of my page from December 2nd:


I’ve decided that I want to use lots of ‘white’ this year… not sure why, it’s just what appeals to me at the moment.  I’m also using the 2 x 4 inch pockets for some creativity.  Here’s a close up of what I’ve enclosed in those pockets:


I used some of the left over embossed card from my card making session and then made a Prima Christmas girl just like my cards.  In the second pocket I die cut a reindeer from silver glitter card and added a Tim Holtz ‘tidings token’ around it’s neck.  The black star with the number 2 comes from an unopened pack of Heidi Swapp Christmas ephemera… there’s 94 pieces in the pack so you’ll be seeing more of her die cuts over the next couple of weeks.

And now onto Dec 3!

Yesterday I was at home for the day and I heard a yelp coming from the kitchen.  It wasn’t a Toby yelp and it wasn’t a Dougal yelp… turns out it was a Michael yelp!  I suppose I should be grateful that Dougal lasted two whole days before doing anything naughty but it would seem that Mike wasn’t quite as prepared for Dougal and his antics as I am.

I went to investigate what the commotion was all about and it turned out that Master Dougal thought he would just help himself to Daddy’s chocolates from his advent calendar… oops!


Later on in the morning I found Toby and Michael both ‘heads down & bums up’!  Turns out the Mike was installing some new cable for the telephone in my art studio and he had fed the cable under the house.  Toby could hear him under the house and kept barking above where he was and when he reappeared Toby wouldn’t leave his side. 

When Michael got down on his hands and knees to pull the cable through, Toby went to ‘help’ him!  The photo caption should probably read… Can you see it Toby?  Yes I can see it Dad!  Hey my bone is down there too!

Toby and Michael_1

While the boys were all busy, I went and hid out in my art studio.  I love that I’ve finally started using it… and it’s fabulous!  It will be even more fabulous when everything in it is sorted but the main thing is that I’m actually using my lovely new space.  After making one card on Wednesday, I got onto a roll and made another FIVE cards!


I’m super happy with how they turned out and I have plans to make some more using less traditional colours!

Like I said before… I’m going to use stuff I already own in my album so I pulled up some digital paper and a word quote from Ali Edwards that was in my Christmas folder and I made this little filler card:


filler card_1

So that’s my photos for December 3rd.

p.s. This is my first blog post uploaded from my art studio… happy days xx 

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  1. What a beautiful start to your DD - I like the reindeer alot & one can NEVER go wrong with white. Naughty Dougal, puppies aren't to have chocolate. You could also caption "Santa?" I could tell this post was created in the studio, it just had a different flare to it..... :)


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