Thursday, April 28, 2016

A little bit of this and a little bit of that :)

Hello again :)

I don't have any cards to share with you today... my mind has been on other things... mostly on organising my art studio!  I'm still not ready to share the ENTIRE room but there's still lots of snippets to show you.  LOL

First up, I mentioned in the blog post I did yesterday that the courier man had just arrived... and he bought me some wonderful new goodies including another stamp and die set.  This time it's Simon Says Stamps Warm Christmas Wishes.
Oh my goodness!!  This Santa set is super cute!  I knew I wanted to do some watercolouring using these images so I set about die cutting, stamping and heat embossing a heap of images... enough to do several cards because I had multiple ideas running around in my head.

It took ages so I took the die cuts upstairs so that I could watch a documentary while I was stamping and heat embossing them.  Here's the results of all my efforts:

Super pleased with how they all turned out.  The images were super crisp and I know I'm going to have fun colouring them... but all that had to wait because I had several appointments in town.

By the time I got home it was after 7pm and to be honest I was too tired to watercolour... besides the lighting in the lounge isn't really ideal for fine work and my knee didn't want to go downstairs to the art studio! 

This morning I got up bright and early and decided that I was going to start organising my stamps and dies... starting with my most recent purchases.  I've been watching how different people organise their supplies and trying to decide what will work for me and I think some of Jennifer McGuire's tips are my solution.

Another item that arrived in my parcel of goodies were some stamp pockets.  I'd seen how Jennifer organised her stamps and I'm a bit like her... everything needs to line up neatly and be in the same type of containers LOL

Here's the start of my stamp organisation:

I also decided to organise my new dies.  I'd already purchased some of the Sizzix/Tim Holtz storage envelopes.

I'd already bought several packs of these because they're the same as the envelopes/pockets that Tim Holtz's thin dies come in.  I really like how thick they are and how secure the dies are.  I labelled them exactly the same way I did my stamps.

It was at about this point when Krystal decided to come and join me.  She quite enjoys just chilling out with me in the art studio... although she often complains that there is NOWHERE for her to sit and draw because I've got stuff EVERYWHERE!  Today she perched herself at the table and put her drawing on my guillotine.  She even let me take a photo of what she's working on... can't wait to see the finished piece!

Then I headed into town to have lunch with one of my girlfriends... did I mention that I LOVE the school holidays??  After lunch I did a bit of 'organisational' shopping.  I wanted to make some dividers for my stamps and dies and following Jennifer's ideas I headed to Warehouse Stationery and bought myself some really reasonable plastic folders by Kookie.  I really loved the bright colours and they're pretty sturdy too.

When I cut up the folders I managed to get four dividers from each folder so they work out at a mere 75 cents each!

After cutting the folders I opened the corner punch I bought two YEARS ago and haven't used.  It cut through the plastic really well.

Then I used my label maker again and named the dividers... so AWESOME! Of course I had to put everything into alphabetical order as well. LOL

Next up I used a green folder to make dividers for my dies:

And here the baskets are side by side:

My last piece of organising for the day was for my new sequins.  I decided to use a container that matches the one I'm using for my rhinestones... and it's perfect!

So there you have it... lots of organising!  I must admit that it makes me smile to see my room coming together the way I want it to.

Thanks for visiting xx

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  1. You know I cannot wait to see how you use this new set of stamps in your DD. Sometimes organizing our craftying area can be as much fun as crafting.


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