Friday, August 24, 2007

Canvas and LO

Hi all... it's been a busy week here creatively and I've got about 5 or 6 projects on the go at the moment... and I'm loving it!
I finally managed to get some good light to photograph my canvas and LO from last weekends class with Yolande so here are the results :)
Canvas: The boys! The theme was masculine so I had to do a please with my sister since I don't have boys and she sent me some gorgeous photos of her hubby and son. I loved doing this project and it will be winging its way to by BIL for his birthday in October.

During the class I cut out the 'boys' letters from denim but when I got home they just didn't seem to work so I did them out of chipboard instead. I painted them and doodled in white pen... a new skill for me... here's a close up:

The next class was a titled 'Friends and Flowers'. I had the perfect photo of my DD's and I really enjoyed this class too.... what's not to enjoy about being childfree in a scrapbooking class??? I made another change to this LO as well.... sorry Yolande! ... originally the colours were black and white with loads of pastely coloured flowers but once I got home it just didn't seem right so I made a whole new set of embellishments and did it in black, white and red! Really love the colour combo and the whole LO came together really well!

As for the original embellishments... they have found their way onto another project! Will let you know how it turns out!

Monday, August 20, 2007

A fun LO

Hi everyone

I did this fun LO last week. One of the junior teachers from school asked me to dress up as Harold for the Life Ed programme and I had an absolute blast! I'm finding myself telling much more of the 'stories' in my journalling now... thanks Nic for that! Now I really need to buy your book!!! LOL

The journalling reads...

On Friday I was asked to dress up as Harold for the school assembly. Oh NO!!! But I bit the bullet and DID IT!!! And it was actually loads of fun! But it sure was HOT inside the costume and to be honest I couldn't see a lot.

After school Jessie (5) came to see me and said that Harold was dumb!

Really??? I had hurt feelings in spite of the fact that Jessie didn't actually know it was me inside the suit.

Yes... he only patted the GIRLS! And I wanted him to pat me on the head too!

Bugger! I didn't know that the teacher had sat them boy/girl/boy/girl and I patted every 2nd child!

Yeah but then he did something really funny!

Really?? What did he do?

He did this Whaea... and he wiggled his bum at me!

Thank goodness Harold's bum wiggle was good!!!

It's been a really busy weekend here... had an awesome day yesterday doing two classes at Create.

The first class was a masculine canvas which I did about my BIL and my nephew... I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

The second class was a feminine LO using loads of flowers, doodling and stitching but it's not finished yet.

Yolande was the tutor and she's fantastic... really easy to follow and always seems to know when you need a little bit of 'extra' help.... plus she's got some funny stories to share! Thanks for the great day Yolande :D

I'll get my LO finished tonight (hopefully) and get both of the projects photographed so you can have a look.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ahoy Mateys!

My nephew had his 5th birthday recently and he LOVES school! He think his teacher Mrs Nelson is wonderful... in fact he told me on the phone that 'she an even betterer teacher than you Auntie!' I'm taking that as a compliment!!!

His birthday was fantastic and his mum made a fantastic cake! I've been a bit slow to scrap a page for this major event but it's done now :)

I did this LO just for fun and then read about the August Challenge at SbO.. the challenge was to use at least one colour and one b & w photo on the same LO. As for Jack Sparrow... he's a very busy captain after school these days!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Mail :)

Recently on Scrapbook Outlet we were talking about Happy Mail... for instance when ATC's arrive or the next Circle Journal or scrapping orders/packs etc. Anyway, Niella began wondering about how to make more HAPPY MAIL days, and get everyone else having more HAPPY MAIL days as well!

Kelly, Bronny and I all jumped on board and thought it was a great idea and next thing we know Niella and Kelly started a list of people wanting to join in and the whole thing just took off!

Then Niella decided to spoil us (because we left comments) with a surprise happy mail parcel and mine arrived in the mail yesterday! I was so excited that I even ripped it open while also trying to unlock the door... wonder what the neighbours thought I was up to??? And here is my happy mail parcel:

Here's a close up of my awesome little parcel: Niella made a mini handstitched felt pin cushion featuring an owl button, some journalling cards made out of pale blue index cards with cute little owls on them, some handmade (and stitched) felt flower embellishments, a cute silver dragonfly charm, some chipboard bits and pieces and a cool 'S'!

I've already got some ideas for how I'm going to use a few of these things plus I've already got a couple of Happy Mail parcels almost ready to go! Happy Mail ROCKS!!! Thank you so much Nie!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

ATC show and tell

I've been involved in a few ATC swaps lately and thought it was about time to do a bit of a show and tell. For those of you not familiar with ATC's here's a brief background. ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. The rules are very simple: each card needs to measure 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and on the back you include your name, contact details etc. ATC's are heaps of fun to make but be warned... they're addictive!!! LOL

First of all is the Scrapbook Outlet July swap. The theme was Culture and Heritage and it was a really fun swap. There is quite a mixture of ideas here:

The next swap on show is the Scrapbook Essentials July Swap. The theme was nature and I was the lucky hostess. If you've never been the hostess of a swap I would definitely recommend it!

Next up is a different sort of swap... this one was for Glamour Girls and we did a 3 for 3 swap. Basically we each made 3 ATC's based on the theme of 'Bedazzled' and then we sent all 3 of our ATC's to the person below us on the list and we received 3 ATC's from the person above us on the list.

Finally is the Scrapbook Outlet June Swap. The theme was Flowers and this was the first swap I have been involved in. Five of us signed up for this swap so we made 2 different types of cards each. What a lot of fun!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Play with ME!

Here's a LO just for fun! I managed to get some gorgeous shots of Miss L while we were playing ball. She had such a fantastic time and it honestly isn't my fault that she got the knees of her new tights dirty!!!

The only downside is the realisation that Miss L is not a baby anymore... she's definitely a little girl now!